Timothy W. Mears MDIV


Timothy's near-death experience with a suicide bomber and subsequent encounter with יהושע prompted him to depart the armed forces as a conscientious objector and become a fisher of men for the Body of Messiah. His life experiences and seminary training have placed him in a unique position to minister to veterans after war.

Jasmine M. Mears MSW


Jasmine's marriage to a combat veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress prompted her to depart secular counseling and become a fisher of women for the Body of Messiah. Her life experiences and counseling background have placed her in a unique position to minister to spouses and children after war.

Rob J. Maille USMC


Rob's enlistment in the USMC taught him the value of service to others. Following his enlistment, he has continued to find ways to serve others in various leadership positions, to include several impactful non-profit organizations. His life experiences and financial acumen have placed him in a unique position to serve veterans after war.